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Now that I am feeling like myself again, Steve and I are really trying to get the word out there about the book. We have hired a PR company to help us do this. I had to laugh, because the PR company sent us a book on how to “Celebritize” yourself. In the book, the author says that she always marvels at authors who write books and have absolutely no budget for PR and promotions. She goes on to say that it is inconceivable that anyone would think that you could write a book and have it be an overnight success and that by magic a publisher would just happen to see it and offer a huge book deal!!! Well …. that was us!!! Soooo, we have decided to listen to the experts and take their advice! Last Friday morning, I had the first of twenty radio interviews! Most of the stations are syndicated and vary from Christian, to Health and counseling talk shows, etc. It is very exciting and I love it!! I’m being interviewed on syndicated talk shows from coast to coast. I try to prepare by researching the show and the host so I can know what to expect. It is so much fun and I must say….it is a such good thing that I like to talk so much!!

Keep your fingers crossed that all of this converts into book sales. Wish us luck!!!

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