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  • One of my favorite times each year is Oscar season. I love movies and my friends and I try to see all of the nominated films. This year I made it a point to see some of the short films and documentary films. One of the Short Documentary films I saw at one of artsy theaters this year was “Mondays at Racine”. I was so moved by this wonderful film. It is about two sisters who so kindly open their beauty salon every Monday to Breast Cancer patients. Whether it be to just have a day of pampering, or a hand to hold when the inevitable time comes to shave their heads during chemo, the salon and its owners open their hearts to support these brave women who are going through so much. My friends were afraid of my reaction to the film, thinking that my breast cancer was still so raw. It hasn’t been that long ago since I would look down at myself and just cry at the sight of my mastectomy. But I didn’t break down or leave the theater. Instead, I just marveled at how friends and other women can make such a difference in one’s life. Certainly that was the case for me. As I watched one of the women in the film hold her friends hand when the hair clippers started to shave her head, I thought of my friends who all gathered around me to go with me to my doctor’s appointments, who called their friends who had already gone through breast cancer to talk to me to calm my nerves about what was to come. Or whether it was to bring cupcakes to the hospital, meals to my home, or homeopathic remedies all the way from Mexico, only one thing came to my mind. I am so lucky to have such incredible friends. I am so grateful to them and hope to be able to pay it forward some day. These magnificent women in the film are so inspirational to me and I thank them for what they do. Anyone who has had breast cancer knows that that there are no words to thank someone for their kindness during such a vulnerable time. Thank you to my friends and to everyone woman who can put themselves in someone else’s shoes and help in their time of need.
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