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After reading about Lindsay Vonn’s recent skiing accident in Austria, I felt so badly for her and am sure that she was completely devastated. Her dreams of representing the United States at the 2014 Winter Olympics must have seemed to have gone out the window in just a few horrible minutes. I saw the picture of her newly operated on knee and it did not look good. I know that awful feeling that just hits you in the gut and bowls you over….you feel like your life is over and I am sure she felt that in spades. I think that healing any type of hurt is a process. It takes a lot of work and tenacity to heal and an openness to accept that things might not ever be the same. That is the hard part. But then one day, you can look back and say, “Wow, look at where I am now” and really appreciate the journey. I am so lucky that my path, as tumultuous as it has been, has brought me to where I am today….so very happy! I hope that Lindsay will be able to look back and say the same thing, “Wow, look at where I am now”….. as they put the gold medal around her neck in Sochi!!! Good luck to you Lindsay!!

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